Saturday, October 20, 2007

Top 10 Portland Races for 2007

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That's a little saying I made up to illustrate the spirit of voting season. Toughtfully placed TV ads and unthoughtfully placed mailers, along with insistent door-to-door students, compete for your attention, trying to explain why you should vote Yes for Measure This or No on Measure That. I'm all for greening our environment while defending the retirement needs of our children, even if one group of millionaires gets richer than another in the process, but it all seems to sludge together after a while. Why not vote for something that really matters, like your favorite race held in Portland?

At first glance it might not seem fair, comparing the larger races that have more participants with the smaller races. However, it all seems to even out. This is probably because events are actually competing with others of the same type. That is, no one would select Hood To Coast as a top Portland race if it didn't surpass the other large team relays found across the nation. Likewise, for the Portland Marathon to be selected as a top Portland race, it doesn't merely have to be good compared to the other races in Portland, it has to be good in comparison to other international-quality races. Pints To Pasta, a relatively young 10K, was ranked third in 2006, which means that any race can have voting potential, irrelevant of size. Plus, it's not the number of participants that's the greatest asset to a race, but the number of satisfied participants that are the type to respond to surveys, polls, and enewsletters.

Will the 2007 rankings be similar to the 2006 rankings, and how many new races will make the Top Ten list?

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