Friday, January 29, 2016

bio, profile, and touchstone

Bryan Westby is a writer, editor, and publisher, and Director of the Timberline Trail Running Club. He developed, an electronic magazine featuring the first online running calendar listing every major running and multisport event in the region.

Editor of the Oregon Distance Runner for ten years, he served as Board Member and Race Director for the Oregon Road Runners Club, the organization responsible for such races as the Portland Marathon, the Cascade Runoff, and Hood to Coast.

He was also President of Team Red Lizard, Marketing Guru at Run With Paula Events, and Lieutenant of Operations at X-Dog Events. He currently manages the Pine Hollow Triathlon, Timberline Mt Run, and Multnomah Falls Trail Run.

He holds a blue belt in Aikido, red belt in Tae Kwon Do, black belt in Hapkido, and a gray belt in Strike Trap Throw. He also writes satire pertinent to the human condition, as well as metafiction, and soft-core porn. His latest project is Rockwood Publishing.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

The X-Dog HoHo 5K was a success, and the Timberline Trail Running Club made history. For the first time ever, there was a Temptation Station at every X-Dog race: 12 Temptation Stations for 12 races in 2014. We took photos and video, which will be up on

We have the updated Portland Runner calendar up. And starting in 2015, you can find all the latest info on the Timberline Trail Running Club at Keep in touch with the Pine Hollow Tri, Timberline Mt Run, and the Multnomah Falls Trail Run. And we might even have a new race in April 2015!

What's that? You want more writings and ramblings from Bryan? Well, you can follow what's going on at  which is @bryanwestby for those who are Twitteratti. 

AND you can read all about the journey into the world of publication at But cover your eyes, because there will be porn.

Sunday, November 30, 2014

November Races

Run Wild Adventure's Silver Falls Trail Runs was the biggest ever, the largest trail run in Oregon, including the Half Marathon Sunday, the Marathon Saturday, and new this year, the 50K and 7-Mile Trail Run on Saturday. I did the Silver Falls 7-Miler, which isn't as tough, but a bit more fun than the marathon and half. Here's the full, official video.

Also this month was Kevin's Cup XXIII, the Year of the Nerd. We kept our streak alive by offering a Temptation Station at every race so far during 2014. Just one more race to go, which is the Ho Ho 5K on December 7.

Timberline Trail Running Club races set for next year:

Pine Hollow Aquathon June 7, 2015

Pine Hollow Triathlon June 7, 2015

Pumice Man double triathlon June 7, 2015

Timberline Mt Run August 2, 2015

Multnomah Falls Trail Run September 27, 2015

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

highlights of the year

Autumn is in full swing with events that will take us into 2015, but let's take a look at some of the pretty stuff from this past month. 

Superheroes were made September 28 at the Multnomah Falls Trail Run. Tom "Clark Kent" Ferrell was the first male to finish in a superhero costume (third overall male), and Morgan "Swix" Denny the first female to finish in a superhero costume (second overall female.) Both went home with fifths of craft-brewed liquor. 

For all the official results, just check out our link here. The top three male and female finishers received trophies, plus there were age group awards, and then there were the special awards. Ene Sokk won the Volunteer of the Year Award, which included a pound of Small Town Roasters coffee. Marla Stone won the Best Costume award with her super chef capron (cape apron) outfit, complete with tongs and spatula that the Pine Hollow Barbeque Cookoff Champion used to paddle fellow runners as she ran by. Her prize was a free running biomechanic evaluation by New Heights. 

The costume runner-up award, Miss Congeniality, was won by Amy "Batgirl" Al-khalisi, a free massage courtesy of Back in Motion Chiropractic and Sports Rehabilitation. Another pound of sweet, sweet coffee courtesy of Small Town Roasters was awarded to Shanda Button for taking video of the race and making hula hoops to give away to key volunteers Jeanne and Eric. In addition, special thanks goes out to "new Poppa" Doug. He won a baby girl. And our thanks.

The weekend before the Multnomah Falls Trail Run was the X-Dog  Ride Row Run, and we have a little video that sums up some of the highlights of the fun.

The weekend before that, also brought to you by X-Dog Events, was the much celebrated Ole's Assault. Do we have a video of that craziness? Yes, we do.

Also, photos are up of the 2014 Multnomah Falls Trail Run here. In addition, we have photos of the 2014 Pine Hollow Tri here. And, online registration is now a go for June 8, 2015. 

For the Pine Hollow Aquathon, just click here to sign up. For the Pine Hollow Triathlon, click here. And for the Pumice Man double triathlon, click here.

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Multnomah Falls Trail Run and X-Dog September

September was one busy month.

Ole's Assault was epic, and we'll have photos and video up soon.

The Ride Row Run in Maupin was a fantastic weekend event, and we'll have additional material up for your viewing pleasure.

The Multnomah Falls Trail Run had its best year yet. Perfect weather and course, even with some Forest Service construction on the new pavilion at Wahkeena. More to follow.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Whine on the Vine kicks ass, Timberline Mt Run takes names

The second annual X-Dog Whine on the Vine was a tremendous success, and the slip and slide even had a little hay cushioning this year. Those gray boxes everyone jumped over? Those were wine crates. See how we worked that in? Here's the video.

And of course, many thanks to all the Participants, Sponsors, and Crüe at the Timberline Mt Run.

First off, the Volunteer of the Year award goes to Ene Sokk. Also, we apologize for missing a couple people during the awards ceremony. Kate Novakovich was the first female in the 60-64 category, and Amy AL-khalisi (who graciously volunteered to hand out awards) was the first female finisher in the 35-39 category. The initial awards are only exact in ratio to the number of beers we drink, but we've made sure everyone will get their ribbon.

Greg Mitchell, Thomas Ferrell, and Matt Dunlap scored the top three overall, as did Sarah Dean, Abby Samuelson, and Johannah Ludington.

The team competition was fierce. This was the last race in Team Red Lizard's summer series, so TRL brought five participants to score 5 points. Member Rick Lovett gained extra style points for running through the finish line of OBRA's uphill bike race before finishing through ours. Our esteemed sponsor Oregon Active brought up six participants to score 6 points, and Team X-Dog, comprising most of the Crüe, had 13 finishers to score a total of 21 points.

The 2014 mountain running team champions, however, are Portland Running Company, who, armed with a Nike Trail Running-sponsored party bus, brought 12 finishers who scored a total of 25 points. Members will receive their team champion ribbons, and we'll send off their imprinted trophy. Team Meatloaf, who matched TRL with five participants and 5 points, wins the Spirit Award. No hardware comes with the Spirit Award, but we're with you in Spirit.
Thank you for joining us, see you next year! If you're up for another race with some incline but without the altitude, don't forget about the Multnomah Falls Trail Run September 28.

Saturday, July 26, 2014


We have great things planned for next year, and this year isn't even half over, yet. One of the typical events on our schedule is McCubbins Gulch Scramble, which is anything but typical, as the camping over the weekend becomes an event unto itself. Some highlights are available, but only before dark. When nighttime hits, the cameras are put away, and whatever happens at McCubbins stays at McCubbins.

for the official McCubbins video, click here.

Up next is the X-Dog Whine on the Vine August 3, a hearty trail race with obstacles including a giant slip and slide. Complimentary mimosas are post-race.

Then, it's on to the best mountain run in Oregon and home to the Mountain Running Team Championships, the Timberline Mt Run August 10.