Sunday, December 31, 2006

Top 10 Races in Portland

Through a joint polling of and viewers, we're proud to announce the Top Ten most popular Races in Portland.
1 Hood To Coast
2 Shamrock Run
3 Pints To Pasta
4 Run Like Hell
5 Portland Marathon
6 Starlight Run
7 Turkey Trot
8 Flat Half Marathon
9 Komen Race for the Cure
10 Race For the Roses

We're currently accepting nominations for the Top Ten Races in Portland for 2007, as well as the Top 25 Races in Oregon. Simply email us, or post your nominations here.


Brittany said...

Bryan -

Wanted to let you know about the upcoming NIKETOWN 5K for KIDS on June 3 in Portland. Check out Entry fees are donated to the school of your choice for PE, play and athletic funding. Can you post on calendar too?


portlandrunner said...

You bring up some interesting points. Did you know that the Nike Run Hit Wonder was originally on the list of Top Ten Races in Portland, and was only omitted from the final list because the race was dropped? It was kind of a love / hate among Portland runners, I think, because it was only that popular because Nike put so much money into it, and Portland was merely one stop on its national tour. It didn't have the same local feel of an original local race such as the (original) Cascade Run Off, for example.

But this Niketown 5K for Kids race might be the think to bring back the local feel. It's certainly a charitable event. However, it's also the day after the Starlight Run, so I wonder how that will affect this year's participant numbers.

Brittney said...

Hi Bryan,
Just wanted to let you know about a new race Montrail and Portland Running Company are putting on, called Run Like a Girl on July 15th. It's a women-only (sorry!) trail race in Forest Park and ends inside the Oregon Zoo. You can get more info at, and part of the entry fee supports the Friends of Forest Park. It will be a fun day for the women! I was wondering if you could put this on the calendar too...

portlandrunner said...

Hello, Brittany. Or, is it Brittney?

Is this the same freelance electro-marketer trying to sell promo status via the Nike run, or is this another of the same name?

I’m familiar with the Run Like a Girl race, which sounds like a good partnership, at least between Montrail and Run With Paula Events. I’m not that familiar with the course, however, and I am a bit skeptical. Ending inside the Oregon Zoo works really well – it’s the same thing that the ORRC Turkey Trot has been doing for years, and the Oregon Zoo people are very gracious. However, I do find the anti-race stance of the Friends of Forest Park to be a bit peculiar.

Don’t get me wrong, the Friends of Forest Park people are great, and there are at least a couple accomplished ultra runners among them, but since they have convinced the Portland Park system to ban races on one third of the Wildwood and severely limit races on two thirds, there seems to be an increase of races and events in that last third. Which means that races on the Wildwood Trail and / or in Forest Park, are tentative at best, depending on how much money they can collect for trail repairs and improvements. So, having a trail run in the city would be a good idea if you want to build a large race, but participant size of such a race on the trail would be severely limited from day one, and Portland Parks could pull out at any year, especially if their philosophical stance is anti-race. So, I’d like the race to succeed, and, like I said, this sounds like a great opportunity for both Montrail and Run With Paula Events, but if it is successful, I would be curious as to what the city’s offer will be for next year.

Rebecky said...

Hate to say it, but the Flat Half was awful. This is the only race I've walked away from and said never again.

They ran out of cups by the second aid station (I'd hate to have been the full marathoners) and getting off the island was horrible. It took us almost two hours to leave. (Seems they were able to change the flow at the traffic signals for 2007, but we still sat at the back of the line waiting to leave because there was absolutely no traffic direction in the parking lot.) Getting on the island wasn't much better, I guess; they postponed the race start to accommodate late arrivals.

Very sad. They obviously aren't able to handle the amount of runners. Worse race organization I've ever seen.

Rebecky said...

Oh, and Run Like a Girl was awesome! So much fun!! The shirt is the best I've ever gotten - perfect fit, color and shape. The energy throughout the race was amazing. Finishing in the zoo was such a treat too! (I think I polished off at least three Jamba Juices lol) Some areas of the trail were a little crowded, but nothing too major.