Monday, September 02, 2013

Superhero the Multnomah Falls Trail Run

I didn't invent a new word, I just invented the use of a certain word as a verb. That word is superhero

It works as a noun, but it also works as a verb, as in when you superhero a race. Superheroing a race is basically when you're the first to cross the finish line wearing a superhero costume. The idea is that, at any given event, there's going to be some competition, and we're always looking for ways to pare down that competition, be it by age categories, weight categories, level of sobriety, etc. I figure anyone who can beat me in a race while wearing a superhero costume deserves something special. And if I'm the first one across that line in a superhero costume, I deserve something special. I might not get it, but that's just my thinking.

I've done this several times, starting with the Starlight Run, years ago. The Starlight is just a 5K fun run, so there's no official times, etc. But there's always a few people trying to win the entire race. Well, we had a little club outing, dressed as superheros, and gave the fast guys a run for their money for the first mile or two. And the crowd loved it. After that, we ran a few races dressed as superheros, even if there wasn't a costume contest. And even if wearing a costume wasn't explicitly encouraged at an event, it was always appreciated.

Well, enter our fun, challenging, and always beautiful fall event, the Multnomah Falls Trail Run, taking place September 29, 2013. For the last two years, we've held a costume contest at the race, and we're continuing that tradition this year, awarding something special for the best and / or sexiest costume. But in addition, we're awarding a superhero award. We've taken the practice of superheroing and made it legit. The first superhero not only gets an authentic trophy, but also a fifth of Hogshead whiskey. (If you're under 21, we'll work something out.) 

Now, any kind of costume can qualify for the costume contest, but you need an actual superhero costume to win the superhero award. How authentic do you have to be? We'll let the audience be the judge. If you're simply wearing a Superman t-shirt, that might not make the cut if someone is fully decked out in a Wonder Woman costume. In other words, if you have the opportunity to wear spandex and / or a cape, don't pass it up.

In addition, this is the last race in the 2013 USATF Oregon Mountain Running Series. If you think you might be the first male or female to finish (with or without costume) be sure to sign up as a member of USATF, because you'll get great additional prizes, such as free cash and Sportiva mountain running shoes. You should probably look into being a member anyway, since it's a great group, and it's a great series.

Remember, the start and finish is at Wahkeena Falls trailhead, and event check-in and registration is at the shelter in the park, adjacent to the Columbia River Highway. So park inside the Wahkeena day-use area (and not at Multnomah Falls). Also, if you want to carpool, that would be super! If you want to use the word superhero as an adjective or adverb, that's up to you.

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