Saturday, May 11, 2013

Epic Summer Weekend Events 2013

Mai Tai Snow Cones, kegs of Redhook, aloha shirts and grass skirts: summer has arrived at Horning's Hideout. Camping and partying commences Saturday, May 18, for Sunday's race. 

The Hawaiian theme lasts through the first weekend of June for the Pine Hollow Experience. Stand-Up Paddling, kayaking, and outrageously costumed rowing competitions Saturday June 1 at the Pine Hollow Paddle will be topped off by a night of epic karaoke after a lakeside bbq, and then followed by the Pine Hollow Tri Sprint Triathlon, Pumice Man double triathlon, and Redneck Aquathon Sunday, June 2. Camping available Lakeside

June brings us another camping weekend at the year's largest X-Dog race. The Mt Hood Scramble is just about full, but there's still plenty of room for camping, which will also be hosted by Redhook. 

Camping continues in July with the ever-popular Creek Streak & McCubbin's Gulch Scramble, one of the biggest and baddest parties of the year. Chef Andrew will once again smoke up some precious vittles, including an entire swine. For those of you who are vegetarian, we do have a vegan pig: his name is Floyd.*

The next camping adventure is September 14 and 15, with live coastal salmon flopping upriver and not-so-live coastal salmon grilled to perfection at Ole's Assault, mile for mile the most challenging obstacle race on the planet. Then it's September 21 and 22 on the banks of the Deschutes for Maupin's three-stage adventure race, the Ride Row Run

Video? Maybe we'll have more video this year, as I'm installing a cup-holder on my camera. Here's a little McCubbin's footage to tide you over, brought to you by Smoovberg and XDEfilm.

* Just kidding: Floyd is not a vegan.

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