Wednesday, October 21, 2009

That's What She Said

This was a nice exchange, and she was a good sport, so I figured I'd publish it in its entirety.

She Said:
Hi Bryan,

Every runner knows that an MP3 player plus adrenaline-pumping tunes are essential to get that speed up and endurance flowing on any run! But when you have to stop and fuss with those pesky earbuds that keep on falling out, you’re wasting precious minutes on your time!

Introducing GROOVE hanger buds by 2XL (, the ultimate headphones in comfort and convenience for runners. These headphones offer non-slip adjustable grips that wrap around your ears to ensure they WILL NOT BUDGE during high intensity movements or runs. Not only that, they are offered in a variety of seven colors and unique designs…why not add a little style to those runs?

Additional features include:
• Stellar sound quality and acoustic range
• Affordable pricing – $14.99
• Adjustable grips
• A variety of colors and designs
• Non-insert in ear canals, to hear surrounding traffic or warnings

Groove by 2XL is available in select stores nationwide, as well as online at Any interest in more pictures, information or a sample set to try for yourself?

Cheers! - L.

I Said:
Yes, every runner knows that adrenaline-pumping tunes are essential to get that speed up and endurance flowing - that endurance won't flow by itself. It's great to hear that these earphones have a non-slip grip, but what we really need are those properties applied to prophylactics. Do you have condoms available in seven colors and unique designs that are designed with the ultimate comfort and convenience to ensure that they will not budge during high intensity movements?

Then She Said:
Well that definitely made me do a double take…for a second there I thought I had mixed your email with an editor at Hustler or Playboy. Perhaps the best response I have received working in PR…props.

Unfortunately, I cannot help you with condom product now…but the good news is, we plan to roll out some Trojan product for Q1 and are expecting big things…I’ll make sure to you add you to our gear review list. J

But seriously, I would love to send you some headphones…even if you choose not use them editorially. Thank you for giving me some much needed laughs today! - L.

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