Monday, May 11, 2009

Eugene Update

Ran the Eugene Marathon. Not a world-record time (Spyridon Louis' 2:58:50 of the 1896 Olympics is still a worthy goal,) but I can't complain about the race. Of course, Spyridon had wine, milk, beer, an Easter egg, and some orange juice, and all I had to fuel my 3:14 effort was four packs of Roctane and plenty of water. But, I think he also trained a little better than I did. Excellent training was on the schedule, but I tried to sneak in early morning speedwork at the track in the ice and snow during most of the winter, which didn't really stick.

Nonetheless, Stage One has been completed. I can now slowly ramp up the mileage, then draw in a good amount of speed on the track this summer. Then, I have all winter to add to that mileage until April or May of next year, when I can hit the mountains again.

Next stop: the X-Dog Havoc. Time to break out the Aloha shirt and Mai Tai's.


Joe Tysoe said...

Once again, nice job on about 25-35mi a week average right?

Bryan said...

Thanks. I got up to 65 miles one week, but yeah, the average was pretty low for the six months - maybe 35. The weather usually doesn't affect me, as I'll just run in the snow and ice, but it was pretty extreme this year, and got annoying after a few months. I have all summer now to do speedwork, of course, so I can just build from here.