Saturday, March 01, 2008

Sex in Event Marketing

Does sex sell? It all depends on your market. If you're selling to the general public, then that's usually a yes. If you sell running skirts, and you're creative, you can use the inherent sexiness of the skirt to promote your product in a fun way. How about a Skirt Chaser 5K? I can hear Chris Kattan dressed as Antonio de Banderas pleading "No, no! Too sexy, too sexy!"

Exactly. It's refreshing to have a national campaign that's not afraid to be creative and have fun. And, the running skirt actually works, so they're not selling a bad product. Women like to run in athletic skirts because it combines the fit and support of tight, stretchy fabric with the look and feel of a skirt. It makes sense, because most running shorts have liners, and then the fabric of the shorts eventually causes chaffing. They're more functional than shorts, and they cover more than high-performance briefs or bikinis.

However apart from a handfull of ultra runners, guys usually won't wear skirts or skorts. But instead of having a women's-only race that would alienate men, Skirt Sports developed the Skirt Chaser 5K, which includes both men and women, while still celebrating the skirt. The women start first, then the guys take off, hence the skirt chasing.

Remember, where there's sexy marketing, there's usually alcohol. Yes, you can have a Red Bull Vodka, and / or craft-brewed beer and pizza. Add in a small fashion show, and you have the makings of a great event. With seven races nation-wide this year, let's hope one comes to Portland soon.
[photo details: the 2005 Helvetia Half Marathon Crew strikes a pose after another successful event.]

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