Friday, November 16, 2007

Oregon Nominations, Part Two

It's that time again for the Holidays, which of course brings holiday-related races. We do have holidays throughout the year, but those of the summer months have more competition. Many races take advantage of the extra day afforded by such holidays as Memorial Day, Independence Day and Labor Day, for example, but there are so many races from March to September in Oregon, it is difficult for one to really stand out.

October everywhere brings Halloween-themed races such as Pumpkin Chases and Scarecrow Runs, and November is the month for Turkey Trots. December brings Jingle Bell and Rudolph Runs, and the New Year attracts like races in celebration. February is the month for Valentine Single and Sweetheart races, and possibly a race or two in tune with Mardi Gras. March, the last month before the season turns really favorable toward running, offers out the Shamrock Races and Leprechaun Laps.

Among all of Oregon's holiday races, Thanksgiving's ORRC Turkey Trot and St Patrick's Day's Shamrock Run are supreme. There are other Turkey Trots in the Northwest, but the ORRC Turkey Trot at the Oregon Zoo is one of the largest and most successful. Likewise, the Shamrock Run, with the 8k and 5k events, had been one of downtown Portland's largest races even before they added the 15k route from the old Cascade Runoff (not to be confused with the new Cascade Runoff, which is the same course, but in the summer.)

Other holiday treats include Halloween's Run Like Hell, Christmas' Ho Ho Run, and New Year's First Run and Y2Kx.

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